What should you pay attention to when choosing the location?

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Most venues are offered on the basis of a so-called door/bar deal, which means that the organizer gets all of the money made at the door, while the club owner gets whatever money is made at the bar. The venue should have a good reputation and therefore regulars. However, the more regulars a venue has, the less likely the owner is to cease both door and bar. If you’ve found an unknown venue, besides the well-known ones, it’s up to the organizer to draw attention to this new location. This means more work, but may pay off better in the end, because new venues tend to attract more guests. The venue’s location as well transportation to and from the venue are important as well, because you want your guests to get to the party and back home conveniently. Once you’ve found the right venue, contracts are drawn up and a date for the event is decided upon. This is where rent, costs for security, cleaning, sound and lighting system as well as license fees are put down in writing. How long a party lasts depends on the guests and the quality of the music. Electronic events require a good sound system. Without powerful sound any electronic party is bound be a failure. The same holds true for a good lighting system. Good locations usually include both in their standard equipment. This also includes basic DJ equipment such as a mixing desk, CD and record player. If you plan to rent an additional high-quality sound system, you should get professional advice and make sure to check the price.

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