• Interesting Facts About Party Goers

    If you are a party goer, you will surely relate to this article. Today, there are tons of people at different ages who party like crazy. You would also see every other club house banging with loud music and glasses filled to the brim with alcohol that makes you intoxicated. When you are a party

  • There’s A Bar That’s Ready For A Zombie Attack

    Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den is ready for anything, if by ‘anything’ we’re talking about a zombie outbreak. They have a chainsaw that sits behind a glass, with a sign instructing you to break the glass in the event of a zombie attack. If a chainsaw isn’t your weapon of choice, maybe one of their strong

  • Fun Facts About Parties

    If you don’t understand the meanings of the bolded words and phrases in this post, check the glossary below.  Whether it’s a tea party, New Year’s Eve, Glastonbury Festival or the Rio Carnival, everybody loves letting their hair down in one way or another. Partying is a tradition that goes back to the beginning of